Integrated Logistics Support and Industry 4.0 MOOC now launched!

The online MATES course “Integrated Logistics Support and Industry 4.0” addresses the main concepts of Integrated Logistics Support from the perspective of its application to naval (military) construction. Developed by CT Ingenieros, the course is free, available in Spanish and consists of four modules. Available on-demand, the course can be accessed between 1 June to 31 August 2021.

The course looks at how Integrated Logistics Support is being updated through existing and emerging technologies. The virtualisation of the discipline is analysed through technologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality. The application of especially relevant concepts such as single data and the emergence of international specifications such as S1000D are also covered. The target audience is engineering and VET students and technicians.

Access is available at More information on the course content is available in the video below. For queries, please contact Laura Alonso (