MATES Baseline Strategy Report now available

The MATES report “Baseline Strategy: identifying priorities, action lines and how MATES Pilot Experiences will contribute to the strategy” is now available.

The three main objectives of the Baseline Strategy report are:

  • Prioritisation of the actions needed and selection of those most relevant to the Shipbuilding and Offshore Renewable Energy sectors. First, a prioritisation system had to be established (which would include both priority criteria and the terms of reference for their application) as well as the classification of all the training needs captured in the different foresight scenarios.
  • Clear definition of the actions which must be put in place to address the top-rated priorities.
  • cross-linking of the Prioritised Lines of Action with MATES Pilot Experiences to identify how best to maximise their strategic alignment and impact and in this way to provide feedback for the Pilot Experiences’ comprehensive planning, execution and assessment.

For this purpose, three different sets of information were collected and analysed:

  • The results of the voting process set up with the experts (which involved an online workshop with over 50 experts and a SurveyMonkey survey).
  • The results from the Delphi questionnaire (which was used to identify and assess the Paradigm Shifters relevant to each sector; six for Shipbuilding and five Offshore Renewable Energy).
  • The draft proposals from the Pilot Experiences.

A total of 11 Lines of Actions (from an original 22) were prioritised. The Pilot Experiences were then designed to be coordinated with these prioritised Lines of Actions, while the subsequent detailed planning of the Pilot Experiences was carried out to ensure a strong alignment with the results of the Delphi questionnaire on the impact of Paradigm Shifters on the two industries (Shipbuilding and Offshore Renewable Energy). It is clear that there is also a strong correlation between the Paradigm Shifters identified through the Delphi Questionnaire and the Lines of Action that were prioritised and will be actioned within the Pilot Experiences.

Overall, the results of this process as summarised in this report have been clearly integrated into the design and development of the Pilot Experiences. Click here for more details on the Pilot Experiences.


Image: Shutterstock Gerasimov_foto_174