MATES Big Data course successfully delivered


The MATES Big Data Course took place from 12-15 October 2020.  The online course was delivered by MATES partner Yuri Demchenko from the University of Amsterdam. The course attracted up to 49 participants on each day with participants originating from Spain, UK, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Ireland and Jordan. Participants ranged from PhD/MSc students, Project Managers, Teachers, Researchers to Engineers.

The course which was originally designed to be delivered face-to-face but had to be delivered online due to COVID-19, was received very well by the participants. Due to the various elements of the course it was acknowledged that there would be far reaching benefits to provide students with more hands-on learning and practice. Interestingly, participants valued gaining knowledge outside of the maritime world and were interested in specific training in Big Data and Big Data Analytics, Data management and Governance, Data Science and Data Analytics, Digital content development and Cloud Computing and cloud services.

Overall the course received a 4 out 5 star rating from the participants!

Further Pilot Experiences will be run by MATES over the coming months. Check out for more information.