MATES Foresight Scenarios report now available

The MATES report “Foresight scenarios identifying future skills needs and trends” deals with the identification and analysis of emerging trends in the shipbuilding and offshore renewable energy sectors. Several paradigm shifters were considered within this context. These paradigm shifters are key technologies that will have a more disruptive impact on the maritime industry, as the industry is not prepared for them in terms of technical capabilities or in terms of technological service and research offer. The report clusters the paradigm shifters in three time horizons; short-term (by 2025), mid-term (from 2025 to 2030) and long-term (beyond 2030).

The paradigm shifters considered for offshore renewable energies are:

  • Automation & Advanced robotics
  • 3D Printing
  • Smart grid & Smart sensors
  • Big data
  • Energy storage

The paradigm shifters considered for shipbuilding are:

  • Vessel automation, vessel autonomy and advanced robotics
  • Exploitation of alternative fuels and renewable energy sources
  • Digitalisation
  • 3D Printing
  • Green retrofitting
  • Drones

The report found that all of the shipbuilding and offshore renewable energy paradigm shifters would be mainstream by 2030. The report also identifies required skills and competences, the most effective training and educational methods, and the expected emerging occupations in both sectors.

Access the full report here.

This report has been developed through i) an extended literature review of 392 documents and 153 projects available in the MATES repository of relevant information, ii) mobilisation of experts and stakeholders from the shipbuilding and offshore renewable energy sectors during a series of two workshops conducted at five European countries and iii) a Delphi survey involving 176 experts.