MATES is celebrating the one-year anniversary of the #PactforSkills

Today MATES is celebrating the one-year anniversary of the European Commission’s Pact for Skills.

The Pact for Skills is a shared engagement model for skills development in Europe. The initiative brings together a wide range of private and public stakeholders including: government authorities, public institutions, employment services, education and training providers, researchers and academia, social partners, private companies, chambers of commerce and various cross-sectoral organisations from industry. The members of the Pact for Skills all abide by a Charter of key principles and commit to launching concrete upskilling and reskilling actions. Having the right skills is essential for individuals’ success in a fast changing labour market. MATES is a prime contributor to the Pact for Skills, not only transferring results to the shipbuilding Pact for Skills consortium but also coordinating a consortium to promote the Pact for Skills in offshore renewable energies.

One year on, 450 organisations have pledged to reskill over 1.5 million people in Europe. MATES partners look forward to continuing our work through the Pact for Skills and with the growing community of stakeholders, building upon strong alliances and contributing to a concerted effort for quality investment in skills.

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Check out our video clip for the #PactforSkills below!