MATES State of the Art compilation now available

The MATES State of the Art compilation describes the current situation and future prospects of the shipbuilding and offshore renewable energy sectors, as well as the challenges that must be addressed in the coming years. It establishes a vision of the different drivers that will affect the transformation and evolution of the sectors, and finally a perspective on the socio-demographic situation.

The report highlights that for the shipbuilding industry, generational change and the transfer of information and experience are important challenges.

With regards to marine energies, while there is a surge in jobs expected for offshore wind, which will bring its own challenges of finding suitable workforce, other marine energies such as wave, tidal and gradient energy will require technological improvements to advance the competitiveness of electricity generation.

What was found as a common challenge for both sectors was the provision of appropriate training to existing and future workers for human capital development.

Access the full report here.

The report was developed through bibliographic reviews (a repository of relevant information is available at and a series of workshops held between April and May 2018 in Greece, Portugal, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Spain with key experts and stakeholders (see online directory at

Thumbnail photo: Drone Sample (Credit Cape Sharp Tidal)