UPDATED! MATES presented at SAM project workshop addressing Additive Manufacturing

MATES coordinator, Lucía Fraga (CETMAR), presented the achievements of MATES at the SAM (Sector Skills Strategy in Additive Manufacturing) project workshop “Across the AM industry: The required skill-sets by the different sectors”. The workshop took place on 22 October 2021 (10:00-12:00 CET).

Lucía presented the achievements of MATES in the context of Additive Manufacturing. MATES has identified Additive Manufacturing as one of the paradigm shifters that will likely become mainstream in maritime technologies. MATES has explored the occupations that will be most affected, the knowledge and capacities that will contribute to their adaptations, and proposed the most suitable methods for their update.

MATES has also have developed two Pilot Experiences addressing capacity building for Additive Manufacturing: an experience to introduce CAD design and 3D printing in secondary schools, held in Spain, and a seminar on “Additive Manufacturing and Risk Management in the Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Sectors”, held in Greece, addressed to professionals in the shipbuilding and ship-repair value chain.

The SAM webinar addressed the perspectives from different sectors towards a detailed understanding of their challenges and needs in Additive Manufacturing.  The results from Blueprint projects in the automotive, defence, maritime and construction sectors and their linkage with Additive Manufacturing were showcased.

View Lucía Fraga’s presentation here.

Information on the SAM webinar, including all presentations, is available here.

View video of the webinar below.