MATES will present at the Atlantic Cities 1st Group meeting on “Maritime Skills and Jobs”

Lucía Fraga (CETMAR, Spain) will present MATES at the Atlantic Cities 1st Group meeting on “Maritime Skills and Jobs” on 9 March 2021. The agenda is available at

This event is organised by Atlantic Cities on behalf of the AYCH project, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Atlantic Area Program. Atlantic Cities is an association, composed of 20 local authorities that represent almost 400 municipalities. Since 2000, the platform has asserted its position as an Atlantic Urban Forum, facilitating cooperation among its members and with other actors and creating awareness in the European institutions about issues concerning the Atlantic Cities.

The main framework of this meeting is the Atlantic Cities Atlantic Futures program, an entrepreneurial training program for young people in the Atlantic. The event will also present European programs and projects related to maritime innovation, skills, industry and business, to enable discussion on how to bring innovation to specific territories and boost maritime skills and jobs in the Atlantic Arc. The meeting is open to any city, especially port cities, or any professional specialised in maritime affairs that wishes to share their views. The debate will be open and recorded for dissemination on the Atlantic Cities YouTube channel.

More information is available here.