MATES Wind Energy Course Underway

MATES Wind Energy course was successfully ran from 19th to 23rd April in the IES Universidade Laboral de Culleredo, A Coruña, Spain. The course was aimed at VET trainers and provided by Xunta de Galicia – The Regional Ministry of Culture, Education and University Organisation. During the initial days, the course provided an overview of wind systems and focused on health and safety for wind turbines. The course had a strong practical component and on Wednesday 22nd April, participants visited Sotavento wind farm and also benefited from visits to companies related to the wind energy sector the following day. On Friday 23rd April, 15 VET trainers took part in a virtual reality session applied to the wind energy sector which wrapped up the course.

Further information on the course is available here.



Photos: Students and trainers at the MATES Wind Energy short course, Spain