Pilot Experiences

The MATES Pilot Experiences are vital components of the overall strategic design of the project. These experiences will be composed of a series of activities which will provide practical insights into the priority lines of action and training needs identified.

The exact dates, themes and locations of the Pilot Experiences will be determined following preliminary work taking place in the initial stages of the project.

Target beneficiaries include students, teachers, trainers, skilled workers, and those who have recently joined the workforce. It is hoped that the Pilot Experiences will include e-learning courses, hackathons, upskilling workshops, careers seminars and more.

The outcomes of the Pilot Experiences will provide vital knowledge for bridging the maritime skills gap and increasing the sector’s overall competitiveness and attractiveness. Insights will feed directly into the long-term action plan, which will be developed by MATES, informing policy recommendations and best practices.


Page updated: 18th March 2020