MOL2: Maritime on the Loop of Ocean Literacy

This Pilot Experience involves the development of training materials for maritime technologies.


MATES’ coordinator, the Technological Centre of the Sea (CETMAR), located in Vigo (Spain), is working in collaboration with Marine Instruments on the V Regata Solar. The competition will be held on the 20th of June 2020 in Baiona (Spain). The aim of the competition is for students to design a radio-controlled electric vehicle powered solely by solar energy.

All registered teams are invited to participate in free technical workshops. The workshops will provide training on the skills needed to build a remote control solar powered boat/raft. The first workshop is on Time & Priorities Management, in which you will:

  • Meet and engage with the other participants
  • Plan your team tasks
  • Decide what other workshops your team would be interested in participating in

The other workshops will be on the following subjects:

  • CAD design
  • 3D printing
  • Polyester modeling
  • Bamboo carving
  • Wood gluing
  • Electronics and propulsion
  • Radio control and telemetry

Workshops are scheduled to be delivered between January and March 2020. For more information visit


Partners involved

Led by Centro Tecnológico del Mar – CETMAR (Spain) and supported by AquaTT (Ireland), Indigo Med (Greece) and COSNAV (Italy).