MOL2 Priority Management Workshop

The objective of the MOL2 Priority Management workshop was to teach the participants how to manage their priorities rather than focusing on time management. The participants, who will work as teams to develop a solar-powered radio control boat model to compete in the Regata Solar, were presented with tools during the workshop which will help them to create an achievable strategic vision of their project. They were able to identify their priorities which will help them to turn their vision into a successful project.

Participants are expected to hold discussions in their groups to assess their current and desired situation. They have learnt to differentiate the urgent tasks from the important, and are able to apply a technique of analysis of priorities based on the time quadrants and failure planning. (See video below on the Priority Management workshop).

Video for the Priority Management workshop during MOL2 in Pontevedra, Spain

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Page updated: 25th May 2020