Webinar – MATES Pilot Experiences: where do we stand and how to get involved

MATES is hosting a webinar for MATES experts on 10 November 2020 at 10:30-11:30 CET.

Objective of the webinar: To highlight ways the MATES experts can engage and collaborate in upcoming project activities.


MATES has developed a broad network of experts that actively contribute to the project’s implementation. The network provides strategic advice and assistance to ensure that MATES activities accurately reflects the sectors’ challenges. The network also guides the project to ensure that it will be impactful while also taking into account gender balance, equity and inclusiveness.

Through workshops, focus groups and surveys, the experts have validated the MATES deliverables and direction to date. Continuous efforts are needed over the coming months to ensure the validation of the MATES skills strategy for the Shipbuilding and Offshore Renewable Energy sectors.

As a MATES expert, you are welcome to join us for a discussion on the project’s recent achievements and how you can participate in future activities.

If you are already part of our network, and would like to attend this webinar please register here.

This webinar is exclusively addressed to the MATES network of experts. If you would like to join the network, please contact mates@cetmar.org.



10:30-10:45 Introduction: meeting objectives and update on MATES’s achievements.

10:45-11:05 Pilot Experiences on how to bridge the gap of the skills training offer and industry needs (for Shipbuilding and Offshore Renewable Energy).

11:05-11:15 Participation mechanisms for external experts.

11:15-11:30 Debate: questions and answers.


Image: mohamed Hassan Pixabay