MATES Maritime Technologies Skills Strategy Workshop – 29 September 2021

If you work in the shipbuilding or offshore renewable energy sector and are an interested party in the fields of industry, education or public administration, you are invited to join us in the MATES workshop on 29th September 2021 from 10.00-16.30 CEST.

MATES is aimed at bridging the gap between the skills needs and the training opportunities available within the maritime technologies, specifically those related to shipbuilding and offshore renewable energy. This workshop will present how skill requirements in the blue economy will likely change in the future as a result of emerging trends such as digitalisation, the rising demand for more sustainable practices and the adoption of new technologies.

During the MATES workshop, the presenters will provide a general overview of the MATES project, showing the steps followed to develop a skilling strategy involving the quadruple helix in the maritime technologies of Europe. To conclude, a panel of relevant stakeholders from different European sea-basins will present their views and expectations for the roll out of the MATES Maritime Technologies Skills Strategy in their regions. Attendees will be invited to provide their feedback during the session and post workshop.

All participants will be invited to:

  • Participate in the discussion for the validation of the MATES Maritime Technologies Skills Strategy.
  • Contribute to the debate on how the set of proposed recommendations will better fit the MATES Maritime Technologies Skills Strategy.
  • Join the MATES network of experts, enabling you to contribute to the long-term skills strategy for the shipbuilding and offshore renewable sectors.


Register here before 27th September 2021

Access the draft agenda here