MATES Strategy Executive Report now published

The MATES Strategy Executive Report ‘Strategy baseline to bridge the skills gap between training offers and industry demands of the Maritime Technologies value chain’ is now available.

This report provides a general overview of the MATES project and its outcomes from January 2018 until May 2019. These outcomes were obtained from workshops with experts, Delphi questionnaires, desk-top studies and surveys. The report looks at both the offshore renewable energy sector and the shipbuilding sector in terms of occupational profiles, skills gaps in education and training, and challenges.

A foresight exercise was carried out to identify emerging trends with respect to new skills and training programs. A total of 22 lines of actions are identified and eleven MATES-led Pilot Experiences are presented which aim to address the lines of actions.

The report was presented at the MATES Strategy Validation Workshop on 28 May in Brussels.

Access the report here.

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