ED2MIT: Education and Training for Data Driven Maritime Industry

ED2MIT, developed a series of training courses for topics related to data literacy, data management and modern platforms for digitalisation in the maritime industry to facilitate its readiness to Industry 4.0. 


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Target audience

  • Technicians and VET teachers/trainers interested in Big Data and Data Management best practices and applications for maritime and offshore energy.


Layman Report

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Learning Outcomes

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Interested in running this course?

The course training material is available to freely access below. If you would like to run this course or have queries please contact the course coordinator and instructor, Yuri Demchenko, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands (y.demchenko@uva.nl).


  • Course 1: MATES Big Data Access course content here.
  • Course 2: Introduction to Big Data Analytics for the Maritime Sector Access course content here.
  • Course 3: Industrial Data Spaces, Organisational Data Management & Governance for the Maritime Sector Access course content here.
  • Course 4: Introduction to Data Science & Analytics Foundation for the Maritime Sector Access to course content will be available soon.
  • Yuri Demchenko delivering the MATES Big Data course online 12-15 October 2020