Ocean Pro.Tec Lab

The Ocean ProTec.Lab was a short-term course on knowledge exchange between workers from traditional sectors (including shipbuilding/ship repair), entrepreneurs, trainers and early-career skilled youngsters.

UPDATE January 2021: Please note that the Summer School has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This virtual course (Ocean ProTec.Lab) took its place.

Ocean Pro.Tec Lab (Português)


Ocean Pro.Tec Lab Promotional Video


Target Audience

Early-career skilled youngsters, trainers, workers from the traditional sectors, entrepreneurs.


Layman Report

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Learning Outcomes

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Course provider





Course Instructors

Ana Fraga, Marco Dutra, Rui Guedes, Susana Salema


Interested in running this course?

If you would like to run this course or have queries please contact Renato Pires, FRCT – The Regional Fund for Science and Technology, Azores (Portugal) (Renato.HM.Pires@azores.gov.pt).