MOOC Training Course

This Pilot Experience aims to address the common problem of the mismatch of skills acquired through education and the needs of companies. It will do so through the development of two MOOCs (Massive Online Open Course) focusing on maritime and naval matters.

The first of the MOOCs focuses on the emergence of 4.0 technologies in the maritime and oceanic sector and also shipbuilding which is a traditionally conservative sector. The second MOOC proposes an approach to Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), a discipline historically related to defence (air, land, armed). This MOOC will focus on the application of ILS to the naval sector, and the application of new technologies for better use of this discipline.

Both MOOCs aim to provide students (engineering students, vocational training, junior engineers, personnel from engineering companies) with basic knowledge of 4.0 and ILS applied to the maritime and naval sector, and to evaluate the effectiveness of using MOOCs as training tools. The content of the MOOCs will be developed and reviewed by experts and researchers in the naval sector (military and defence). The MOOCs will be developed by CT Ingenieros with the Universidade da Coruña (UDC).


CT Ingenieros is an engineering company and leader in technological innovation. The naval engineering sector of CT Ingenieros develops projects from their conception (preliminary project, basic engineering and safety) to the complete development of the different disciplines of naval engineering (structure, armament, systems, fluids or life cycle engineering). In addition, CT Ingenieros has highly qualified personnel in production management, quality management and testing. CT Ingenieros are a consolidated team of engineers and technicians proud to participate in the most innovative industrial programs in Europe.

CT Ingenieros carry out projects for all kinds of ships, both military and civil, offshore units and structures for both the oil & gas market and the offshore wind market. To do this, they use state-of-the-art software tools (Foran, Aveva Marine, Smart Marine, Autoshyp, Delftship). The team of engineers and technicians is trained to carry out NATO cataloging tasks and has extensive experience in handling SCC regulations and national and international military standards.


Universidade da Coruña (UDC) has, among many others, an interdisciplinary group of applied research in engineering (GII, Integrated Engineering Group), closely related to the Engineering schools of the University. The group focus on the transfer of knowledge and the generation of new products with diverse lines of research, among which are Naval and Oceanic Engineering, Computational Intelligence and Naval and Oceanic Design. Through an appropriate transfer process, the results of this research drive the development of numerous technological solutions in sectors such as Naval, Off-Shore, Energy, Advanced Services, Industry and Logistics. The knowledge acquired and the experience developed have positioned this group as a technological benchmark in various industrial sectors.

  • CT Ingenieros and UDC team
  • CT Ingenieros and UDC team
  • CT Ingenieros and UDC team